Cruising on the Po

The Po: the largest Italian river in length and range, and surprisingly rich from the naturalistic point of view, especially for its ability to attract birds in every season.

Due to the longitudinal orientation of its course, the river is not a real corridor for migratory birds, however, they often find a place to stop and eat and rest before continuing on the long trip that will take them to their destination, the breeding grounds or those for wintering. Among the species more easily observable along the shores are mud-dwelling birds, herons, gulls and terns; the alluvial zones are a nesting ground for passeriforms and fringillids; in the riparian woods and in the poplar groves, the woodpecker and the golden oriole predominate.

Those who wish to do so may devote themselves entirely to the discovery of the Great River, which is navigable and boasts numerous berths near the various centres of population, and is emerging as a real centre of sporting activities, from motor-boating to water-skiing, to mention but a few.

In particular, the “Viviamo il Po” project, promoted by the city of Cremona, the provinces of Cremona, Piacenza, and Parma, and the Chambers of Commerce of Cremona and Piacenza, offers tourist cruises departing from the Cremona Pier, Largo Marinai d’Italia.

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