Rigoletto Cannelloni

Roll out the dough with the cinnamon (better with a machine if you are using semolina flour) and when it is ready, cut into 10cm squares.
Meanwhile, prepare the filling which is similar to that for tortelli d’erbetta. Take a little of the filling and wrap in a square of pasta previously cooked for only a few minutes and roll up to make a cannellone.
Coat the pan with the béchamel sauce prepared earlier and already cooled. Arrange the cannelloni in the pan and cover with a generous layer of béchamel sauce and abundant Parmesan cheese aged from 18 to 24 months, i.e., “vecchio”.
Put in the oven and bake until the béchamel sauce starts to become pink. Remove from the oven and allow to rest for a few minutes. Serve two cannelloni per guest on very hot plates, pouring a little melted butter on top and sprinkling generously with more Parmesan.


Ingredients (for 6 persons):

    • 250g white flour, or better semolina flour;
    • 2 eggs, salt, and warm water.

For the filling:

    • 400g fresh ricotta cheese;
    • 1 egg;
    • 250g spinach or Swiss chard, boiled and chopped;
    • grated Parmesan cheese.

For the béchamel sauce:

  • 200g butter;
  • 2 litres of milk;
  • 2 tablespoons of flour, salt.