Museo del Pomodoro (Tomato Museum)

The Museo del Pomodoro is an ethnographic museum on tomatoes, created inside the Corte di Giarola that lies between Collecchio and Ozzano Taro, an area near Parma historically suited to the production and processing of tomatoes.
The building was once a fortified farmstead belonging to the Bishop of Parma and between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries was involved in struggles to control the ford of the river Taro and exploit its waters. It eventually lost all military importance and from the fifteenth century functioned only as a farm. Until the 1960s it was the location of a tomato processing and canning company. It became public property in 1998, was partially restored, and since 24th May 1999 has been the headquarters of the Taro Regional River Park.
The museum was opened on 25th September 2010, with a conference dedicated to “The tomato in Parma: history, entrepreneurship and taste”.
The exhibition is arranged in the ground floor wing where the stables used to be. It is arranged in seven sections that illustrate the following topics:

  1. the history of the tomato, from its arrival in Europe after the discovery of the Americas to its widespread dissemination;
  2. the development of the tomato processing industry in Parma;
  3. the development of production technologies;
  4. the finished product and the packaging;
  5. the development of the mechanical industry;
  6. the key players and factory work;
  7. the culture of the “Tomato World ” with advertisements, quotes and paintings.


Corte di Giarola – Taro Park entrance at Strada Giarola, 11 – 43044 Collecchio (Parma)

Tel: +39.0521.931800 Fax +39.0521.678174


Educational Workshops:
At all the Food Museums you can request the organisation of educational workshops for schools or groups, of a scientific nature (on the themes of salt, milk, and micro-organisms, water and proteins) or gastronomic variety (taste laboratories). Booking required.