Torta Fritta

Top photo: “Torta fritta and salumi” (c) 2014 WordRidden – some rights reserved.

This is a typical Emilian dish that takes on various names depending on the area: chisulin, fried dumplings, crescentina … It is a savoury speciality, a dough made of flour, water and salt, cut into squares or rectangles that are fried in hot oil or lard. In the area of Parma, from where we have the version called “torta fritta”, it can be an appetizer, a first course or a main course. This fried bread is delicious with the cured meats or ‘salumi’ of the Parma area, especially with the famous Culatello di Zibello, Parma ham, Spalla Cotta of San Secondo (served hot), Salame di Felino, Coppa, Culaccia, Fiocchetto, etc …, and it is also very good with gorgonzola cheese.