Renata Tebaldi Museum

On June 07 2014, at the headquarters of the Stables of Villa Pallavicino, the official opening of the “Renata Tebaldi Museum” took place. This museum presents a charming itinerary through the Italian melodrama heritage, with objects, clothing, and jewels belonging to the woman called by Maestro Arturo Toscanini “Angel Voice” as well as documentary material and testimonies by famous artists and colleagues.
The above museum is ardently supported by the Renata Tebaldi Committee of Milan which, in view of the Bicentenary, has embarked upon a fruitful collaboration with the Municipality of Busseto. The museum’s aim is not only to make the most of the abundant material from the archives of the famous artist, but also to become a significant music, history and culture centre; a centre able to house further exhibition material, and also events of primary importance. These will be staged in the courtyard of the stables of Villa Pallavicino, virtually creating an authentic open-air theatre.


Headquarters of the Stables of Villa Pallavicino, Via Ferdinando Provesi 41, 43011 Busseto (PR)
Tel. 0524.97870