Casa Guareschi

Via Processione 160, Roncole Verdi di Busseto


Visiting Casa Guareschi you get to know the life and work of Giovannino Guareschi, humorist, journalist, graphic designer, writer and screenplay author. At Casa Guareschi we meet Alberto Guareschi, son of Giovannino Guareschi and a character in many of his books.

Casa Guareschi is:
– Exhibition “Giovannino, our father”
– Club of the Twenty-three – Media library –
– Giovannino Guareschi Study Center
– Giovannino Guareschi Archive

The cultural offer of Casa Guareschi available to visitors is composed (SEE ANNEX IN THE BOX ON THE RIGHT FOR MORE INFORMATION):

Permanent anthological exhibition Giovannino, our father

edited by Alberto and Carlotta Guareschi.

A) Free entry and free visit of the 32 panels;

B) €5 per person guided tour: film and explanation of the exhibition (1h). Guided tour by the Guareschi family. The grant is in favor of the Twenty-three Club. Guided tours also in French and English.

The guided tour lasts 1 hour and takes place by reservation every day between 9 and 12.

Giovannino Guareschi Archive

Open by appointment, the special visit is led by Alberto Guareschi, an exceptional guide. €10 per person (subsidy to Club dei Ventitre).

Club dei Ventitre and Centro Studi Guareschi

It is a cultural, apolitical and non-partisan association, which aims to be a point of reference for providing documented information on the life and work of Giovannino Guareschi. It was founded by Alberto and Carlotta Guareschi together with a group of Guareschi enthusiasts, and is located in the premises of the former restaurant designed and opened by Giovannino Guareschi in 1964. In the Study Center, available to students, graduate students, PhD students, teachers, historians, writers and journalists the material of the Guareschi Archive with the advice of Alberto Guareschi (160 theses completed to date).

Franco Tedeschi media room

Screening of the introductory film Now I’ll tell you all about myself, Giovannino Guareschi’s autobiography in the key of self-irony (15 minutes, €3 per person in favor of the Club dei Ventitre) and Caffè Letterari.

Archive chats with Alberto Guareschi

the genesis of Giovannino’s books. By reservation, via Skype. Duration about 1 hour. €10 subsidy per person in favor of the Club dei Ventitre. An exceptional opportunity to hear Giovannino’s son narrate episodes from his father’s life and the genesis of his works.

New timetables 2023

From Monday to Saturday 9.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.00

Sunday 10.00-12.00 and 15.00-17.00

Until 23 July 2023 Casa Guareschi will be open only in the morning during the week. on Saturday and Sunday also in the afternoon.

Free entrance and free visit

Guided visits to the “Giovannino, nostro babbo” exhibition and to the Guareschi Archive by reservation and with a grant from the Club dei Ventitré (30 minutes, € 5.00 p.p.; 45 minutes, € 7.00 p.p.; 1h, € 10.00 p.p. )

Giovannino Guareschi

Writer and journalist, born at Roccabianca in the province of Parma in 1908 and died at Cervia in 1968. Editor of the “Corriere Emiliano” (1929) and then chief editor of the humorous weekly “Bertoldo” (1936-1943), he then prepared himself for an essential and incisive project of clear satirical politics. First as co-director (with Giovanni Mosca) and then as director of the weekly “Candido” (1945-1957), he became famous as an author of novels and humorous stories (“Destiny is called Cotilde”, 1942) and above all with the series of the popular character of Don Camillo, a fighting , unbiased, anti-communist priest of the Parmense Plains, who has as an adversary and friend (so-to-speak) ‘Peppone‘ – the communist mayor of the town.

From the stories of the character, gathered at various times starting from 1950 (“Don Camillo”, “Mondo piccolo”, “Don Camillo and his sheep”, “Don Camillo’s friends”, “Lo spumarino pallido”) and translated throughout the world in 142 languages, was turned into a series of very successful films (interpreted by the French actor Fernandel and the Italian Gino Cervi). Other works are: “The discovery of Milan”(1941, “Christmas stories”(1945), “Diario clandestino”(1946), “Italia provvisoria” (1947), “Lo zibaldino” (1948), “Corrierino delle famiglie”(1953), “Vita in famiglia” (1968). Giovannino Guareschi is buried in Roncole Verdi – Busseto where he lived, next to Verdi Birthday Place, from 1952 to 1968.



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