Saturday 6 April 2024 – Teatro Verdi di Busseto 9.00 pm



By and with Alessandro Fullin and Marco Barbieri
Production Musa Produzioni
Distribution Terry Chegia

The poet Marco Barbieri and the actor Alessandro Fullin meet on stage to read this surreal correspondence. In October 2015, German archaeologist Helga Kohler fortunately found 18,000 tablets in clear Roman characters during an excavation campaign near Scandicci. This is the only correspondence that has come down to us from two Roman matrons who wrote to each other for more than twenty years at the end of the 4th century. The correspondence, now known internationally as the “Kohler Correspondence”, is preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Florence in the section: Finds and Sentiments. This is the historical falsehood from which the reading of the precious letters begins: Flavia and Drusilla embroider on their friendship by telling us about a world terrorized by barbarian invasions and surprised no less by the nascent Christianity. False Epigrams and true Tragedies, tired Sibyls and enthusiastic Prophets, luminous gladiators and dark catacombs: a very distant world that becomes very current thanks to a pen, or rather a stylus, always imbued with subtle irony.


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