Libri in cammino

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May – Piazza Verdi, Busseto

Meetings, stalls, workshops





Saturday 4th in the afternoon


Meeting with the author: Daniele Pignatelli, owner of the comic book shop “Comic House” (Sarzana) talks with:

Alberto Pagliaro

Verdi, l’amore spezzato. La traviata, Otello, Aida”, Kleiner Flug

With “Verdi, broken love” Kleiner Flug brings together in a single volume three adaptations created on the initiative of the Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti of Modena and entrusted to the pen of Stefano Ascari and the illustrations of Alberto Pagliaro. The project is ambitious: to adapt three of Giuseppe Verdi’s most famous works into the form of comics, to bring art to a new, different audience. The choice fell on Traviata, Othello and Aida, united by the theme that is the subtitle of the volume, broken love, but also by the unfortunate female protagonists, strong women but victims of a society that tends to relegate them to a subordinate role.

Simone Tansini

“L’ombra del Duca”, 40GB Editions

A story that makes us reflect on the nature of the winners and the vanquished, in a dance of overlaps in which each character will become memory, reflection, executioner and victim, in which each character will be mirrored in the other… in the shadow of the other.
Reviewing the tragic story of Rigoletto, the nineteenth-century drama par excellence, through the reflections of a modern Duke of Mantua, who has become a mature man, allows us to talk about the ancient with an innovative point of observation. The drama unfolds on the path of solitude of our new Duke who, from a non-place bordering his own unconscious, tells us the price of solitude resulting from a life of excess.

Simone Tansini

“In un battito d’ali”, 40GB Editions

Freely inspired by Madama Butterfly, it is a light story, made up of small nuances, in which past, present and future will intertwine. In a flutter of wings is the story of Questo Questo San told, however, from an introspective point of view never addressed before. A point of view in which the figures considered secondary, in the theatrical version, become the pillars of our literary experimentation. A journey into love, into the fears and misgivings of a teenager who will, however, be able to withstand the comparison with that splendid girl who has been waiting for a thread of smoke on the far edge of the sea for years, transforming our Cris into a This This San modern and charming.



Comics workshop curated by Valerio Barchi, cartoonist. (for elementary and middle school classes. Free, limited places)


3.30 pm portico of the Busseto Library of the Cariparma Foundation

Review “I Libri si Presentano”
Anna Soldi presents “Le storie fioriscono”
Stories aloud from books chosen by the public (Dedicated to children aged 3 to 6)



Meeting with the author:

Valerio Barchi

“Fango”, Sae Editore Group

“I didn’t think about it too much: I saw what had happened and I decided to give my contribution.” Valerio Barchi thus explains, in a few words, why at a certain point he decided to lend a hand, in the aftermath of the flood in Emilia-Romagna. The author is a Roman cartoonist who decided to tell his autobiographical experience of volunteering in the post-flood of Romagna. The result is “Fango”, an intense graphic novel, narrated by balancing the drama experienced in those days with the relief given by hope and brotherhood.

With the participation of the Civil Protection of Busseto which provided aid in the flooded areas.

Dialogue with the author Daniele Pignatelli, owner of the comic book shop “Comic House” – Sarzana (SP)


6.00 PM

Meeting with the author:

Davide Ragozzini

“Genesi inversa”, Maestro Silenzio Edizioni

To understand Unity it is necessary to experience Separation for a long time which in turn creates pain.

The only way to bring the Lulu (Humans) to a profound awareness of Who They Are is to try in every way to prevent it. If the Creators had revealed to us Who We Are, today we would know it… and that’s it, we would just know it but we could never Be Who We Are because knowing that we are is not enough to be, experience is needed and this can only start from experiencing who You are NOT to understand Who you are…

“A logical narrative but one that has no claim to be true. As the book itself states, everyone is free to CHOOSE what to believe and above all to FEEL what to believe.”

Dialogue with the author Valentino Giannini, member of the Italian Association of Tolkenian Studies.


Sunday 5 in the morning


Wacky, dispensa di rimedi letterari” is a caravan, a metaphorical container of languages ​​that you will find in Piazza Verdi all day long.

It is animated by three hucksters who pass off a literary menu as a symptomatic “cure” for the most varied ailments, offering miraculous remedies, attracting the attention of passers-by, convincing them to try their magic.

A special shop that mixes shelves of books, extracts of disused words, pills of poetic elixir verbs and slicers, toasters, scales, tools useful for predicting the future and finding the right remedy for every ailment!

Wacky, piccola bottega itinerante” was created by the OTTOTIPI Association, winner of the Leggere Crea Indipendenza tender; was born thanks to the support of the CARIPARMA Foundation.



Voci in cammino di Atlante sonoro della poesia mondiale

A walking route along the streets of Busseto, with four evocative stages in which we will listen to poems, letters, excerpts from novels and stories narrated and read aloud.

The first stage is dedicated to music. The second, to fear. The third, to spirituality. The last one, to nature.


Sunday 5 in the afternoon


Voci in cammino di Atlante sonoro della poesia mondiale

A walking route along the streets of Busseto, with four evocative stages in which we will listen to poems, letters, excerpts from novels and stories narrated and read aloud.

The first stage is dedicated to music. The second, to fear. The third, to spirituality. The last one, to nature.



Participatory reading by Simone Tansini

“Il camaleonte daltonico”, 40GB Editions

Why does the chameleon get the “wrong” color? Why does the pigeon hold a rose in its beak in the middle of the city? What is the large white rhino up to sitting on top of a wall? What spells will the witch’s cat cast? And where do meduccioles live? These are some of the mysteries kept in “The colorblind chameleon”, a collection of fairy tales and nursery rhymes, delicate and somewhat suspended, where the ultimate meaning will be left to the sensitivity of the reader: a journey through themes such as the sense of family and belonging to one’s pack, the emotion and fear of separation, the love for parents and the love for adventure. Reading age: from 5 years



Meeting with the author:

Gianluca Foglia

Nel ventre della Balera”, Sonirik 2023

Discovering the history of ballroom dancing is understanding the nostalgia of a time that made ballroom dancing an act of rebellion. Lives to the sound of waltzes, polkas and mazurkas, from Emilia to Romagna, legendary vaults and almost clandestine pirouettes. The story of a soundscape that becomes passion, lust and dance under the eyes of Gerundio, protagonist witness in the imaginary and unobtainable world of Castelmauro, where dance hall rhymes with spring and like her you can’t stop.

In collaboration with “La scuolatta di Daniela”, Busseto



Meeting with the author:

Mario Ferraguti

L’alfabeto delle anime. Piccola incursione nell’aldilà”, Ediciclo editore 2024

The “Small travel philosophy” series invites the writer Mario Ferraguti to tell us about the delicate passage to the afterlife on who goes and who stays. This poetic and profound book investigates our search, the poignant desire to establish a surreal dialogue with deceased loved ones between superstitions, rituals and nostalgia.

Dialogue with the author Alice Pisu, owner of the “Diari di bordo” bookshop (PR)


We remind you that during the literary event it will be possible to visit:

In Piazza Verdi and Via Roma there will be the stalls of the “Sarzanese bookshops” and the “Hobbyists with a heart” market

In the Sala dell’Accademia in the courtyard of the Rocca, an exhibition dedicated to the crank toy curated by Fausto Mottini and the exhibition of the model railway created by Ettore Snanzi. The installations will be open to the public until May 12th.

Sunday 5 May extraordinary opening with guided tour of the “Palazzo del Monte di Pietà” Library


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