13, 14, 15, 16 June 2024 – Busseto

Olimpiadi Verdiane were born in Busseto in the year of Verdi’s bicentenary from an idea by Giampaolo Bigliardi and Danilo Porcari.

From the meeting with the then vice mayor Luca Concari, this bizarre idea soon became reality and in a few months the first recreational recreational event was born from the social background of the Municipality of Busseto.

Since that day many things have changed but the idea of ​​promoting healthy aggregation remains the starting point of each edition: over the years the Verdian Olympics have managed to embrace an increasingly larger number of athletes and spectators who for a weekends they color the streets of Verdi’s city by challenging themselves in more or less Olympic disciplines.

Olimpiadi Verdiane are proposed as a moment of aggregation for young and old where through games, sport and convivial moments you can live an experience full of fun, respect and sportsmanship: at the end only one team will go up on the step higher but in reality they will all be winners because, in agreement with the Municipal Administration, the proceeds of the event are donated to the citizens through works and projects that aim to enhance the public space, a meeting place between generations.



Thursday 13 June

Busseto, Piazza G. Verdi

6.30pm | Parade and team presentation
9.00pm | DJ Satch + Dance Connection
10.30pm | Pentathlon


Friday 14 June

Busseto, Piazza G. Verdi

2.00pm | Start of races
6.30pm | Gipsy Puppetry
8.00pm | The Pirate’s Map
9.30pm | Mé Pék and Barba

Busseto, Villa Pallavicino

8.00pm | “The OV Late Music Show” opening
10pm | Tubist DJ Set
11.30pm | Cristian Marchi
01:00 | Satch & Gastone DJ Set + Bayo Voice


Saturday 15 June

Busseto, Piazza G. Verdi

8:30 | Start of races
from 10:00 | Radio Omega
6.30pm | The Mad Boiler
8.45pm | Italy vs Albania

Busseto, Villa Pallavicino

8.00pm | Opening
8.45pm | Italy vs Albania
10.30pm | Mr. Pine + Tyme
11.30pm | Oyadi
01:00 | Vitto & Gastone + Cubino Voice


Sunday 16 June

Busseto, Piazza G. Verdi

8:30 | Start of races
from 2.00pm | Discipline awards
8.00pm | BoomBand
8.30pm | Final awards