Chapiteau of Teatro Necessario, Piazza Verdi – Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 April 2024





♥ Circus Chronicles of Circo El Grito, Friday 19/04 at 9.00 pm and Saturday 20/04 at 9.00 pm

♥ Sonata for Tubi by Nando and Maila, Saturday 20/04 at 5.00 pm

♥ Paccottiglia Deluxe by Circo Pacco, Sunday 21/04, 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm



After the great success of last year, the caravan of the Tutti Matti in Emilia festival, which brings the magic of international contemporary circus to theatres, open-air stages and under chapiteaus throughout the Province of Parma, continues its itinerary throughout the territory and returns to Busseto in a special spring event: on the weekend of 19, 20 and 21 April the chapiteau, the circus tent of Teatro Necessario, will be set up again in Piazza Verdi, a magical place in the heart of the town, under which 3 will take to the dance floor shows not to be missed, for 5 events dedicated to a heterogeneous audience from 5 years old and for everyone. The event, born in 2016 and which from 2022 will also pass through Busseto, successfully hosting national and international companies, is organized by Teatro Necessario Circo, a contemporary circus production center in the area, with the precious support of the Municipality of Busseto, the Emilia Region -Romagna, Ministry of Culture; technical partner is the IAT-R “Busseto and the lands of Verdi” – Tourist information and reception and reservation office.

The program of shows starts on Friday 19/04 at 9.00 pm with “Cronache Circensi” by Circo El Grito. The show also repeats on Saturday 20/04 evening always at 9.00 pm.

In this brand new show of the Pesaro-based company, which the Busseto public had already applauded in 2023 with the warhorse “Johann Sebastian Circus”, Giacomo Costantini, considered one of the pioneers of contemporary circus in Italy, brings to the stage what defines a spectacular conference, made up of tightrope walking, magic, music and poetry. A story through images and performative actions, which sees Costantini himself on stage alongside Guenda Bournens, aerial acrobat, and Humberto Kalambres, juggler, to narrate the advent of this new scenic language through circus virtuosity, magic, live music. Cronache Circensi is first and foremost a tribute to the circus, to its centuries-old roots, to its aesthetic universe, to its imagination, which many artists of different disciplines have drawn on over the centuries: Fellini, Picasso, Mayakovsky, Chagall, Chaplin, Botero, Stravinsky, Dickens , Klee and many others… But what remains of it today? The show therefore starts from the first very ancient vicissitudes of the circus, restoring its multicultural character to the public: from the advent of Philip Astley – the horseman who invented the first circus ring in the world – up to today’s circus, made only of human animals. And then again the importance of the journey, the relationship of the circus with death, the force of terrestrial attraction and the force of celestial attraction. Concepts expressed through simple words and accompanied by complex circus performances of aerial acrobatics, balancing and juggling.

“For me the circus is a ritual, a very ancient ritual, a ritual that is done all together. I was overwhelmed by circus life over twenty years ago, and even today, every time, it is like an unexpected, intimate, wonderful and terrible heart attack. It’s like the missing heartbeat, that emptiness that makes you feel alive, it’s the antithesis of existence, it’s a contraction of life. I believe that the circus does good and evil at the same time, but that it is worth it, because on the ring in the end good envelops evil and tames it, transfiguring suffering, sacrifice and death into beauty”, explains Giacomo Costantini. The lights are by Domenico de Vita, thanks to Andrea Farnetani for helping to bring the show to life, produced by SIC / Stabile di Innovazione Circense with the support of the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Marche Region.

We continue on Saturday 20/04 at 5.00 pm with the show “Sonata per Tubi” by the Nando and Maila company; the evening then sees the second performance of “Cronache Circensi” on stage at 9.00 pm. The company from Ozzano nell’Emilia, Nando and Maila, born Ferdinando D’Andria and Maila Sparapani, accompanied on stage by the young Marilù D’Andria, presents one of its most successful creations: Sonata per Tubi is a contemporary circus show who researches the musical possibilities of circus objects and tools, transforming them into musical instruments through ingenuity and the use of technology. So, let the concert begin! Flying pieces of pipe make up a double bass and a cello; the music progresses between Rossini, Bach, Beethoven, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and Luis Armstrong; and then she arrives, a modern young princess, who upsets every harmony… The circus fuels the madness of the trio in counterpoint with clubs that become saxes and with sound devils. What follows is a crescendo of three-voice polyphonic songs, dances and musical and circus tests of courage, which will lead to a final ritual for the transition from adolescence to adult life. The pizzicato of the musical clown reveals the soul of the three actors who, with a universal language accessible to all, meet and clash in the magical game of life. The techniques on stage are Chinese pole, acrobatic dance, verticalism, manipulation of objects, juggling with diabolo and clubs; the musical instruments used are the bass tube, the tube, the mini tube, the violin, the clavax (club/sax), the diabolophone (sound diabolo), the sound pole, and the bass drum stage. The lights are by Federico Cibin, the sets by Ferdinando D’Andria and Riccardo Massidda and Gaby Corbo contributed to the circus games and acrobatics. The company has the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Region.

Closing the weekend on Sunday 21/04 at 4.00 pm and 6.00 pm “Paccottiglia Deluxe” by Circo Pacco, a Turin duo that has been part of the Teatro Necessario Circo “stable” since 2022. Alessandro Galletti and Francesco Garuti, aka Frank Duro & Gustavo Leumann, give the audience endless laughs in this irreverent and irreverent visual comedy with “various art-based quackery!”. The two, rejected by the nouveau cirque and banned from the classic circus, try to put on their show, trying by all means to gain center stage and the public’s applause, with numbers bordering on the ridiculous. Clowns, physical theatre, comic magic, juggling, eccentric acrobatics, rain of popcorn: every attempt to amaze the spectators ends in failure and in a continuous clown game. The Circo Pacco company was born in 2012 from the artistic meeting of Alessandro Galletti and Francesco Garuti during their training years within Philip Radice’s Atelier Teatro Fisico in Turin. Visual comedy, non-verbal and physical theater characterize the expressive language of this comic couple who work and play with the archetypal figures of the clown and the relationship between “white” and “augustus”. Their creativity gives life to “100% Paccottiglia”, the company’s first production and show which since 2013 has been replicated within street theater festivals, circus rings and theater festivals. With this show they won the Magnoberta Award (2013), the Milano Clown Festival (2014), the Clown&Clown Festival (2015) and won second place at the Italian Street Artists Award in 2016. In 2018 they produced the full version of the show “Paccottiglia Deluxe: superior quality quackery” under the directorial and artistic consultancy of Daniele Lele Villari. The show will be presented for the first time in the Le Musichall theater in Turin, directed by Arturo Brachetti. Following an international tour in Australia, in 2019 the company began a new creation entitled The Winner which is still under creation.



You can purchase tickets:

  • Online from Friday 15 March on www.tuttimattipercolorno.it and www.teatronecessario.it
  • On site one hour before the start of each show
  • At the IAT-R “Busseto and the lands of Verdi” in Piazza Verdi n.10 in Busseto, from Tuesday 19 March to Friday 19 April. Opening days and times in March: from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays) from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 14.30 to 17.30; opening days and times in April: from Tuesday to Sunday (closed on Mondays) from 9.30 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 18.30



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