verdi 27/01

Saturday 27 January 2024 – Busseto

A day of events to celebrate the priceless musical and moral legacy of Giuseppe Verdi in 5 significant places in the country.
A project conceived by Doremusic and co-financed by the Cariparma Foundation

Verdi 27/01 in its second edition is a project of the Committee V10/10-V27/01, made up of the Busseto Associations Doremusic, Amici di Verdi, Nicolas Comati and Margherita Barezzi, with the participation of the IAT of Busseto, the writer Giancarlo Zanasi, the ANPI of Busseto and numerous volunteers: this is a wide range of events, scheduled in Busseto, in 5 significant places in the town, for the entire day of January 27th, the day on which Maestro G. died in 1901. Greens. The collaborations with the Teatro Regio di Parma, with the Festival Verdi and with Verdi Off, launched on the occasion of Verdi 10/10 2023, also continue.

Verdi 27/01 is made possible thanks to the contribution of the Cariparma Foundation which, through the “Cultura 2023” tender, has chosen to support the local cultural and creative offering system, with particular attention to projects designed to stimulate the tourist and cultural potential of the territories where artistic expressions and forms of live entertainment also develop. It is sponsored and supported by the Municipality of Busseto.

The death of Giuseppe Verdi, despite the master’s advanced age, profoundly and sincerely affected the entire Italian (and also European) population of the time. The spontaneous demonstrations of affection and gratitude towards him were countless and unexpected, especially if we consider that Verdi was not a head of state or a crowned head, but a shy “artist”, with an apparently rough character. What are the reasons for this universal condolence that was expressed by all segments of the population? Why did Verdi appear, and still appear, such an inclusive figure? Verdi 27/01 will propose, on the anniversary of his death, some ideas that will help us reflect on his Humanism, on the greatness of his moral stature and on the musical legacy that, beyond the operatic titles performed all over the world, he has left to all of us.


January 27th, such a significant date for us Bussetani, coincides with the International Remembrance Day, as a day to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust.

The opening will be dedicated to Remembrance Day at 9.30am. It will continue with the announcement of Giuseppe Verdi’s death read by the First Citizen of Busseto directly from the original poster of 1901, with conferences, theatrical moments, and concerts aimed at all segments of the population and tourists visiting Busseto. The day will culminate in the Theater named after the Maestro with the musical show “La Voce di Verdi”. Verdi arias performed by young artists accompanied by Maestro Gianfrancesco Amoroso, jazz pieces inspired by Verdi with the Roncolese musician Alessandro Bertozzi on sax and the pianist Mario Zara, two narrators and some costumes from Verdi operas performed over the last 100 years at the Teatro Regio in Parma will compose the scene of the show.

9.30am in the Salone di Casa Barezzi


Presentation of the book “And then a pilot arrived who seemed drunk” – Busseto 1943-45, the war, edited by Prof. Adriano Concari.

Screening of the Video of the performance of the Anthem of the Nations by G. Verdi directed by Arturo Toscanini.

10.30am in front of the Verdi Theatre


The mayor of Busseto will announce the death of Maestro Verdi by reading the poster that was posted in the town on 27 January 1901.

10.30am Protected House


Alessandro Schiavetta – Clarinet, Enio Setti – Sax, Andrea Coruzzi – Accordion

Concert with Verdi programme

Concert reserved for RSA guests, their relatives and staff.

In collaboration with Verdi Off and Festival Verdi

11:00 am at the Verdi Theater


The students of the “Attilio Bertolucci” Music High School in an original performance. A special invitation to the theater to attend a concert by young musicians.

From 3.00 pm in Piazza Verdi


Anyone who finds themselves in Piazza Verdi for a visit to the monument, the Theater or Casa Barezzi will be surrounded by the Maestro’s most famous melodies, which will be broadcast from the headquarters of the Doremusic association. The students of teacher Sara Piceni’s piano class will perform them.

3.00 pm in the Salone di Casa Barezzi


It is a new story written by Sonia Mezzadri, the second episode of the series dedicated to a special meeting between Nicolas Comati and Giuseppe Verdi “in Paradise”. The story reflects the first vocation of the Nicolas Comati Association, as a promoter of education and good road conduct. The author herself will be the protagonist together with the male voice of Gian Carlo Zanasi. This show will be aimed mainly at lower and upper secondary school children.

4.00 pm in the Salone di Casa Barezzi


Prof. Giuseppe Bonazzi, professor of Economics and rural appraisal at the University of Parma, will talk to us about Verdi as entrepreneur, farmer and benefactor, accompanied by the notes of the Doremusic Ensemble.

9.00 pm at the Verdi Theater


In this musical show the protagonist will be the voice of Giuseppe Verdi, in the arias of his famous operas performed by young singers (Renata Campanella, Loris Dalla Costa, Enrica Macaro, Kesnia Overko and Davide Piaggio) accompanied on the piano by Maestro Gianfrancesco Amoroso; the rereading of some of his songs interpreted in a jazz key by the saxophonist Alessandro Bertozzi and the pianist Mario Zara, which will take us back to the contemporaneity of the Maestro’s artistic legacy. We will be accompanied into the Verdian world by the voices of the narrators Sabina Borelli and Giancarlo Zanasi and by the rustling of the historic stage costumes at the Teatro Regio in Parma (of Verdi operas staged between 1919 and 2006) worn by 10 girls.

The events of the festival will be free and with free admission while seats last, but for the show LA VOCE DI VERDI at 9.00 pm in the Theater booking is required via the Eventbrite platform at THIS LINK

The shows proposed by Verdi 27/01 will be part of the usual programming that celebrates the death of the Maestro every year, namely the celebration of the Holy Mass for his repose (6.00 pm in the Collegiate Church) and the collective singing of “Va, pensiero ” in front of Giuseppe Verdi’s monument.


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